Mosaic Art courses for young and old
The island of Delos, lying next to Mykonos, is a global bank of knowledge about mosaics. Today, on Mykonos, you have the offer for mosaic design lessons to young and old, unfolding the knowledge of ancient and contemporary mosaics.

Winter and summer short courses which can be scheduled to suit individual time preferences. 

Pottery Lessons
In this workshops,  visitors will be introduced to the art of pottery. They will learn the various techniques, they will create their own objects using the wheel, will learn how to colour and decorate the ceramics. During the course they will get to know the history and evolution of this art.

Well-known handicraftsmen will reveal the secrets of the art of wood-carving, for which Skyros is known throughout Greece. 

Cooking Lessons
Our cooking lessons invite you to live the Greek culinary experiences while traveling around, exploring the surroundings, uncovering the ancient history and its modern life, too. Discover Greek cuisine and its hidden treasures that - with a gastronomic history of more than 4000 years - has always been based on superior quality, fresh and tasteful ingredients produced in the country.  

Your guides will introduce you to new wines from indigenous Greek varieties, unforgettable islands in deep blue waters, ancient cities, preserved villages, and of course that ineffable quality that has made Mediterranean gastronomy the basis of healthy living.