Horse Trekking
We offer horse riding holidays, trail riding, day trips and horse riding lessons. Beginners to experienced riders are welcome to join us. Various tours available, well behaved horses, small groups.

Jeep Safari
Get ready! For unique jeep safari experience, unlimited fun and dust friendly shared. Get ready to see wild parts, to go where only the goats and donkey usually go. Our one day trip through the beautiful nature will stun you and will for sure be the best day of your holiday in Greece

Discover another Greece with our jeep tours
Get ready! With professional drivers and guides, you will discover with our jeep safari far more about Greece than you will never do:  wild animals, flowers and herbs, inhabitants and their hospitality, will have no more secrets for you. And of course stunning off roads to bring you were landscape views will take your breath away

Cycling in Greece
We can offer multi-day guided and self-guided tours throughout the land of Greece. We offer exciting routes and activities in each vicinity.

Hiking in Greece can be an exciting outdoor activity. Due to the large variety of destinations, Greece is considered to be the perfect place for those who enjoy hiking in tranquil regions."

Discover “the unspoiled Greece” while following walking paths through wild flowers, lush valleys, ancient sites, watermills, and old pathways. Get to know the locals, drink wine with them, and taste the food in restaurants and tavernas.

Wine Tours in Greece
We can offer guided and individual Wine tours in Greece on certain parts of the country with o history of vine cultivation dating as far back, as ancient times.

Culinary Experiences
An exceptional choice of Greece’s top travel destinations, where you will have the chance to go beyond the tourist attractions to live an authentic culinary experience. Enjoy cooking classes and meals held on the most unpredictable sites all over Greece, meet the country’s unique nature of mythical proportions, taste homegrown, organic products of the Mediterranean land and experience what real food tastes like, discover what makes the Greek cuisine famous all over the world…