Athens offers a unique mix, combining rich archaeological sites, numerous museums in diverse fields, ranging from archeology and folk art to contemporary visual arts and musical instruments and most importantly, a vibrant contemporary cultural life in the fields of performing arts, music and visual arts.  Athens has a long story from the ancient years and the starting point must be the Acropolis.

The Acropolis means high point of the ancient city. A hill dedicated to the cult of the ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, Athena. Some steps a visitor has to take to enter the world of the Athenian democracy.

Mykonos is a grand example of unique Cycladic architecture set around a picturesque fishing-village bay. Totally whitewashed organic cube-like buildings fit closely together to form a kind of haphazard maze of narrow alley ways and streets. The earthen colors of the bare hills which surround the town’s gleaming whiteness is set between the aura of an incredibly blue sky and even deeper blue sparkling sea. Put this together with all the island’s other qualities and it is no wonder Mykonos has been often named “the jewel” of the Aegean Sea.

In the heart of the sea of History, the Aegean, lies a small complex of 32 islands. When you look at the map you have the impression that all these 32 islands fit the perimeter of a circle.

That’s why they are called Cyclades.In the centre a 33rd island lies yet it is the most important. Delos. The birth place of Apollo ( Sun) the brother of Athena.Delos was for a long time the financial centre of Ancient Greece and the roman Empire.There is a plethora of markets, porticos, colonnades, squares and so much marble everywhere: inscriptions, statues and temples.

Santorini is one of the most spectacular islands in the Mediterranean and the capital city is Fyra. It presents the awesome sight of a volcanic crater, partially submerged by the sea. The two islands in the caldera that is now  Santorini’s harbor, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni.

Oia, pronounced ‘Ia’, is the most famous of all villages of Santorini. It is known throughout the world for its quiet life and fantastic sunset, and is certainly the most beautiful and picturesque village of Santorini. The village is also situated on top of an impressive cliff and offers a spectacular view over the volcano of Palia and Nea Kameni and the island of Thirassia.

Trade Marks of Santorini
Discover the most distinct wineries and traditional cellars of Santorini through a unique wine tasting journey. The island of Santorini has a long history in the production of traditional wines.

Katakolon is a seaside town in western Ilia in the municipality of Pyrgos. It has a small port which is the main port of and your getaway to Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia
The birthplace of the Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia .In a very short time we arrive at the amazing site of the archaeological site of Olympia, one of the greatest historical sites in the world. Once there one can immediately picture everything. Ancient athletes, the youth of Greece, gathered from every city state of this nation from all over the Mediterranean with one dream, to win. His prize, very precious: a wreath of wild olive tree and immortality.

Rhodes is famous as the island of sun, sea and sand, the ideal place for vacations. It is the third largest Greek island and, officially, the sunniest place in the Europe. The City is among the finest, not only in Greece but in the whole of the Mediterranean. It is situated at the island’s most northerly point and ringed by sea on the east and west. Rhodes (Rhodes in Greek) combines the cosmopolitan character of a contemporary city with the picturesque of the medieval town, which gives the impression of having been untouched by the passage of time.

In the most southern part of Europe is located the island of Rhodes. It’s the island that in the ancient world hosted one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient World, the Colossus.

Rhodes has plenty of important antiquities one of them being the Hellenistic citadel of Lindos. It takes about 1 hour from the harbor of Rhodes to Lindos. Arriving at the village you realize that it will be exciting. The first steps of the pathway help you to discover the most interesting house of the town. Leaving the modern behind the eyes widen. An amazing panoramic view of Asia next to you.

Rhodes is an island with a very big naval tradition as you can tell from the number of big and small boats. Some of small ports are incredibly beautiful, relaxing with sandy beaches and dark blue sea waters. Lindos’s little port, Saint Paul, is also one the island’s most famous beaches with crystal clear water.

Corfu is one of the Ionian Islands which nestle off the West side of the Greek mainland.

The Old Town of Corfu has its roots in the 8th century BC. The three forts of the town, designed by Venetian engineers, were used to defend the maritime trading interests of the Republic of Venice against the Ottoman Empire. Corfu’s city is notable for authenticity and is a world heritage. Spianada Square is the main square of the island and the central meeting spot for locals and visitors. It was constructed to resemble the European Royal Gardens and it is the largest square in the Balkans.

Chania is one of the island’s most appealing cities and a good base from which to explore western Crete . Its stately Neo Classical mansions and massive Venetian fortifications testify the city’s turbulent and diverse  past.

Chania Old Town

The capital is the beautiful town of Chania where modern, Venetian, Turkish and traditional architecture are blended together, in perfect harmony, creating a unique and attractive picture. Various archaeological sites, villages, churches, caves, gorges and wonderful beaches are embellishing this attractive town.

Kefallonia Greece is one of the most popular destinations of the Ionian Islands and the biggest island of the group. The Greek Island has many wonderful beaches with fine sand and turquoise, bleach-like, waters specific to the island. Heirs of its many beauties are its picturesque villages, its National Park on its highest mountain (Mount Ainos) on which a rare species of fir forest grows and terrific landscapes..

Melissani Cave
A tunnel has been made and small boats carry visitors to admire the spectacular sight of the stalactites and the changing colors of the water. The sun’s rays create exquisite color combinations in the transparent waters of the Lake.

Kavala/ Philippi/ Xanthi

Kavala is a picturesque city and one of the largest in nothern Greece. This is a place with a lot of history to show and many archaeological sites to visit. A walk in the beautiful, narrow streets and the pretty port will stay unforgettable. Numerous cafes, restaurants and bars are here to satisfy every visitor. Do not forget to mention the beautiful beaches. You will be surprised by the vivid atmosphere of this city.

Philippi was founded by the King of Macedon, Philip II.  The place is best known for the battle of Filippi in 42 B.C. in which Octavian (late the emperor Augustus) and Antony defeated Caesars’s murderers, Brutus and Cassius.

Xanthi, the city with its old churches, its squares, its inns and its tobacco warehouses indicate the civilisation of the previous century. A visit the old Town, the Folklore Museum, the City Hall, the Metropolis church as well as the huge buildings of Tobacco Factories. You will have the opportunity to see the life during the later Ottoman Occupation through these traditional settlements.

Parga/ Dodoni/ Ioannina/ Nikopolis/ Preveza

Parga is a waterfront town in nothwestern Greece, in Epirus. It gives the impression that you are in a beautiful Greek island when you look the picturesque harbour and the amazing beaches with the clean waters. Ancient mystical places are here to explore them. It is, fairly, considered as a jewel at this side of the country and this is the reason why it is such a popular tourist destination.

Dodoni is the eldest oracle of Greece, dedicated first to Mother earth and later to Zeus in a spectacular surrounding. Center of the cult, going back to 1500 B.C.), was the holy speaking oak.

Ioannina, the capital of the region is famous for its rich byzantine and Turkish past. Both influences can be found in harmony in this beautiful city by the lake Pamvotida.

Volos is one of the major ports of Greece, built in Pagasitikos Bay, in Thessaly, near the site of ancient Iolkos at the foothills of Pelion. In the city of Volos there are several interesting sightseeings for visitors, who can enjoy a walk along the coastal road of the city, swim in one of the beaches round the city, or tour to the many attractions and museums.Some of these are the Archaeological Museum of Volos, that hosts fine prehistoric finds from the surroundings of the city (neolithic settlements of Sesklo and Dimini), the Museum of Industrial History, the Railroad Museum of Thessaly, the castle in the district of Palea, built in the 6th century B.C., where one can admire the Roman Baths.

Volos- Pelion
Departing from the pier you will drive inland north towards Mount Pelion to visit two of the most picturesque villages in the area namely Portaria and Makrynitsa. Both Villages are considered to be the balcony of Mount Pelion. Portaria is  a lovely village over looking the gulf, surrounded by trees and flowers. From there you can admire teh sea views and other villages set lower down. You will be served a coffee or a soft drink.

This green and blue island of Skiathos in Greece only has one main settlement which is the capital and main port of the island: Skiathos Town.

The characteristic of the island of Skiathos Greece is its wonderful beaches which are extending on many kilometres and have golden sand and mirror-like waters. The island of Skiathos is a very popular and touristy island and has developed a lively and intense nightlife..

Koukounaries Beach
This is the most famous beach of Skiathos, therefore the most crowded. It is well-known for its extremely fine white sand and its fragrant pine trees forest from which the region took its name. It is considered as the most unspoiled natural beach of the Mediterranean and is a protected environment.

Lalaria Beach
Only reachable by boat from the port of the capital is a dream-like place of an incredible beauty with huge white cliffs rising out of the clear deep blue sea.

Patmos is not a big island, but it is one of the best known. It was here St. John had his vision and wrote the apocalypse, and this is why Patmos is sometimes called “The Jerusalem of the Aegean”.

The Monastery of St. Johns towers above the capital, Chora, and the whole island breathes of faith and devotion. Nevertheless, there is more to the island than its Christian reputation. There are many nice beaches along the jagged coastline, and the people grow fruits and olives on the green hills. The landscape invites you to take long walks and there is much to discover.

It is the third largest island in the Dodecanese.

From the prehistoric times it was an important channel of the sea ways that started from the Black Sea and along the shoreline of Asia Minor and the islands of Aegean and reached North Africa.

Ascleipion site: Asclepieion was built in a green area full of cypress trees. During the ancient years, it served as a sanatorium and it was dedicated to Asclepius, son of Apollo, protector of health and medicine. Many significant people taught and worked here, one of them being the father of Medicine, Hippokrates. 

The island of Paros is one of the most popular Greek islands.

Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades. It is a popular island for the sandy beaches with the crystal clear waters, Parian traditional villages with whitewashed cubic houses in narrow paved alleys contrasted with the many colorful bougainvilleas, lovely chapels, an exciting nightlife… Paros Island was known in antiquity for its fine marble.

Paros Highlights are Lefkes Village and Visit of Agia Triada,Mytilini
The lush, green island of Lesvos, or Mytilini, is like no other Greek island. It is the third largest of the islands in Greece behind Crete and Evia.

Virtually unaffected by the mass tourism that has turned other islands into amusement parks, Lesvos is the perfect place to visit for people who want to experience the real Greece. For the Greek Island traveler who is worried about not having enough to do, Lesvos is the perfect destination.

Highlights: Agiassos Village,  Plomari VillageTraditional Villages and Taxiarchis Monastery, Molivos Village

Aegina, Greece
In Aegina’s main town, referred to as “the center” by locals, pink and white houses cluster around the harbor. Orchards of pistachios, almonds, and olives, small villages, the last remnants of ancient ruins, and tiny white chapels adorn the hillsides. There are some interesting 13th century churches – one underground, and one completely covered inside with frescoes – and the impressive remains of Aphaia Temple crown the summit of a wooded hill with panoramic views. You might not guess it, but will no doubt hear, that this sleepy little isle has had its moments of glory, however fleeting.